Fetish Weekend 2023

 I thought I would write a little reflection on my experience at Montreal’s Fetish Weekend this past September. This was my first Fetish Weekend, but it certainly will not be my last. I was honoured to be included on the staffing team that made the whole event possible. Shout out to everyone who put their time and energy into making the weekend a success! 

I had the privilege of working the Welcome Table at Hotel Zero on the Thursday and Friday. I really enjoyed being part of Goddess Kaleidos’ welcome team, greeting the guests as they arrived and answering any questions they had to the best of my ability. I particularly enjoyed getting to chat with such a variety of folks about what they were looking forward to and what they have enjoyed about Fetish Weekends of years past. It was also exciting to watch people transform from their street clothes and standard appearance into their stylish kinky outfits. 

There were some funny moments with hotel guests who were not aware of the FW event happening. Specifically, I remember one little old lady came up to the Welcome Table to ask what was going on, and I explained it was Montreal’s Fetish festival, to which she replied “what’s fetish?”

I tried again “it’s a kink festival!” No luck. “It’s about BDSM” I told her, anticipating her to suddenly become uncomfortable and walk away.

Instead I was delighted when she said “Oh! Can I have a schedule? My niece might like to attend.” After she walked away, schedule in hand, I burst out laughing, thrilled by the unexpected turn of the conversation. If only I had an auntie as cool as her! 

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Miss Red Rida and Christina Dior at MFW Welcome table

It’s so beautiful to have a space like Fetish Weekend be created, where kinky folks of all sorts can gather together to share in their love of kink, fetish, and sexy weirdness. From folks who work in the kink world to couples who travelled far from their vanilla appearing lives, Fetish Weekend brought us all together to have a weekend of fun. It was a great demonstration of how kink does not have one specific “look” and is not limited to any one kind of person. To be kinky is to be human, in all of its many different forms.

This weekend was also great for reminding me just how diverse the world of kink and fetish is. There were so many folks dressed in leather, latex, lace, and all sorts of combinations thereof. There were Puppies and Kitties and Dolls, and even one “Human Vibrator.” It was truly incredible to see so many different kinks all gathered in one place. 

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